Scott Jarrell

Scott Jarrell

Scott started CrossFit in January 2011, earned his Level 1 Trainer’s Certificate in March 2013, and has been coaching ever since. He has competed in every CrossFit Open, including in 2014 when he had a cast on his arm from a squat clean mishap. Scott’s day job is in the supply chain group for a large hospital system and he spends his days sending emails and making spreadsheets. He spends the rest of his time chasing a toddler, drinking craft beer, and grilling and smoking all varieties of meat product. He really enjoys the community aspect of CrossFit along with friendly competition and data-driven approach to fitness.


What’s your most embarrassing fitness moment?
Having to quit a partner workout at the first Rep Your Box competition because my hand went numb doing overhead squats.

What’s your favorite Lift?
Front Squat.

What’s your Spirit Animal?
Lion, several different online quizzes told me so, therefore it must be true.

Do you have a superpower and if so, what is it?
The ability to turn anything into a spreadsheet.

What’s your favorite Hair Metal band?
As a youth I was really into Aerosmith until I grew up and realized they suck, so Guns N’ Roses is probably my favorite.

What’s your rapper name?
Tyga Venom (also an online quiz).

Do you even lift, bro?
Yes, duh.