Daniel Mattson-Boze

Daniel Mattson-Boze

Daniel started CrossFit in 2015 after being introduced to the Olympic lifts in a friend’s garage gym while in the Navy. After a couple of years of on-again-off-again workouts, he decided to get serious about this whole CrossFit thing and joined First Coast CrossFit in 2017. He was quickly hooked by the competitive nature of the sport as well as the amazing community at FCCF and started coaching after earning his L1 in March of 2018. Within a year, he had taken over as Head Coach and, after completing his degree at UNF in the spring of 2021, he had the amazing opportunity to move into the role of owner of First Coast CrossFit. Daniel is dedicated to maintaining First Coast’s place as the most welcoming gym in the city, where everyone, no matter their fitness level, can come to improve themselves and be a part of the best CrossFit community around.


What’s your most embarrassing fitness moment?
Well, I started getting some digestive distress about 3 miles from the nearest restroom while on a training run for a half Ironman. You can guess how well that went.

What’s your favorite Lift?
I have a love/hate relationship with the Snatch.

What’s your Spirit Animal?

Do you have a superpower and if so, what is it?
Baking, for sure. I absolutely love baking and I will take on anyone’s granny in a bake-off!

What’s your favorite Hair Metal band?
I’ve always been a big Scorpions fan, though if I’m being honest, I’m really only familiar with them because of playing Rock Band growing up.

What’s your rapper name?
Hungry Dan

Do you even lift, bro?
Only after applying 2 to 3 pounds of chalk.