Bill Adams

Bill started CrossFit in 2008, signing up on a dare after 20+ years of complete physical inactivity. It was a tough transition, but soon he started seeing the results of his efforts. After that, it was game on. Along the way, Bill competed in lots of competitions, went paleo (then not, then back again, then not), earned his L1, L2, and Strongman certifications, and ultimately decided to open FCCF in 2014 to provide athletes, ex-athletes, and folks who have never thought of themselves as athletes a place to improve their lives. Bill has two awesome kids, a smoking hot wife, and a dog that tears up his house to keep him busy when he’s not at FCCF or practicing law.


What’s your most embarrassing fitness moment?
Taking four minutes to do 31 push-ups in my very first CrossFit workout – not really a “fitness” moment.

What’s your favorite Lift?
Strict shoulder press.

What’s your Spirit Animal?

Do you have a superpower and if so, what is it?
Giving people nicknames (because I am the worst at remembering people’s actual names).

What’s your favorite Hair Metal band?
Ratt. Or the Crue. Or maybe Skid Row. Hair metal is my high school soundtrack, so I love them all.

What’s your rapper name?
Old Dirty Baldy.

Do you even lift, bro?
Kind of, but slowly.