We’re Avondale’s only CrossFit gym and, when you step through the doors of First Coast CrossFit, you’ll know you’re joining a CrossFit community unlike any other. Our workouts are tough, and we know that can be intimidating, but every one of our members places value on the strength it takes just to start. After all, we’ve all been there. We keep our classes small so that they’re both insular and open in a way that ensures that nobody is a stranger. You’ll be working out on the best equipment, in the cleanest facility, with the most supportive group of people you’ll meet.

We know you’re working towards changing your life, so we make it a point to change our CrossFit classes on a daily basis. Our classes are modifiable for all fitness levels, and we work with CrossFit beginners to find the level of intensity that’s right for them. Once you begin to improve, we’ll change the classes to meet you where you are. Whether you’re only starting or you’re a seasoned CrossFit veteran, our classes are designed each day to push you to your limits and help you see that those weren’t really your limits after all.

The decision to take classes at First Coast CrossFit is only the beginning of your journey towards self-improvement. After only 90 days, you’ll notice that the accomplishments and gains you make in our gym will start trickling into different facets of your everyday life. Not only will you look better in the mirror, you’ll have the confidence in knowing that when you push yourself, you can accomplish anything. It takes courage to challenge yourself, but CrossFit beginners can rest easy knowing that at First Coast CrossFit, you’ll be surrounded by like-minded people helping each other regardless of where they are on their own personal journeys.